Tragedies for sale!

I don't do this much but ...


I'm saying that enough time has officially passed for me to start using the World Trade Center disaster to suit my purposes (for exclusive use in Canada).

Anyway, see- I encounter a lot of bureaucratic type difficulties over here mainly from folks wanting to see this form and such and such a transcript or record or proof of this and that and I'm sick of and/or unwilling to procure such documents any longer!!

I am currently in need of a Tetanus booster from an injury I sustained at a bar (wherein I had a slight misunderstanding with an industrial staple.) The staple apologized in typical Canadian fashion yet the wound remains and I fear for the continued free movement of my jaw and other muscular regions.

That said, I know that my inability to provide PROOF that I received my last booster at age 16 will mean I won't receive the booster I need so urgently now. AND SO! I am merely going to tell whatever correspondence school "doctor" I am assigned that all my records were lost, along with the dear Doc himself, in the HO-riffic tragedy that befell my city some 5 years ago. I recall now, from memory alone, the dates of all my innoculations and known allergies. I feel that to deny my request for what is already an unpleasant shot would seem particularly cruel and inhuman at that time.

I'll see how it goes.

If it works I will also claim that my high school and university were in the World Trade Center as well, as was my SAT testing facility and a large majority of my previous employers.

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