Terragen. BobRossagen?

eggstone2000: dis is pretty cool, right here--> http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/
eggstone2000: the shit looks fah real!!!
fevrier records: wait so those aren't just like... photos?
fevrier records: and if not.. why not just shoot movies or take pictures?
eggstone2000: it's cump00ter generated, yeah.
fevrier records: i don't get it
fevrier records: like... here is something that already exists in reality. but here is a fake version! it's like lowfat ice cream
fevrier records: kinda REINVENTING THE WHEEL, n'est-ce pas?
eggstone2000: no.
fevrier records: okay
fevrier records: yeah like you can design yr own landscapes but like.. when the end result is ugly? all teh technology is meaningless. like wow, 400 programmers just made a fucking Bob Ross painting on the computer
eggstone2000: i kind of seriously doubt they would invest all that time, energy and money in something that only, in the end, makes jpgs and quicktimes. people write software like this and give it away to the public as a beta test, so that people can fuck around with it, submit info about bugs... and they are probably hoping to develop it into an application that is actually useful & profitable.
fevrier records: like what though? movie making? Stuff like that already exists, no?
eggstone2000: i don't know? you'd have to ask them, since they don't really explain it on their site. it might be something rad... or it might be something totally retarded that is obviously just going to be a huge waste of money and a complete failure.
fevrier records: like 'Watching Ellie'

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