Even when she jumps on the bed!

You know what I secretly really want? One of those Tempurpedic mattresses. They look so comfortable! I mean, they are made out of "revolutionary Tempur material" featuring "visco-elastic memory cells" ....like that's a real fucking word.

I also love how they mention about 30 times that this material was developed by NASA and that NASA totally approves and this is the only mattress "recognized by NASA" as if I'm going to say "NASA??!! THOSE people know a thing or two about SLEEPING! I need this mattress!"

Like maybe NASA should spend a little less time "recognizing" mattresses and more time making shuttles that won't fucking blow up.

Well, in other news, New York has been splendid thus far. Alex and I have been floating around lots of nice bars, parties and shows. Enchanting the children. We saw Maserati last night. I thought they were pretty wicked killer. We swung by our friend Jackson's house in the hoopty and hollerized at him until he came down.

While Alex was stopping to get something to eat I hopped in the back seat to converse more easily with Jackson but Alex made some comment like "What is this your PROM?" and I felt silly.

We went to the Abbey for a drink and dropped Jackson at home because he was all whining and stuff. Oh! But you can still SMOKE at the Abbey! It felt like the forbidden fruit so even Alex was smoking.

Lastly- I had two dreams last night. One where I was riding an invisible skateboard and then this huge owl tried to kill me, and another where people were all talkin about Black Cat 13. Weird.

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