All my hos look like Sasquatch (NOT!)

Has it really been almost a week since my last entry? The time just flies by. Me? Oh I'm happy as a clam and busy as... whatever crustacean stays the busiest.

Beth and I took pictures at Hot Times on Friday so I'll throw those up here when I grab them from her.

It was really beautiful out today so Mike and I walked around and ate at Tacos el Asador, then got ice cream and sat and watched little kids play baseball in Christie Pits. Later he had to go interview a potential new bass player and so we parted- and like.. 2.5 seconds later some creep was following me, trying to holla, then telling me I wasn't "friendly" and asking whether or not I "knew that." He was really creeping me out so i stood outside the subway station and smoked a cigarette allowing ample time for public transit to whisk him away from me.

What else... oh yeah! So like 8 months ago I lent Dale my boombox because I thought it would be nice for him to be able to listen to music in his painting studio... but the past month (since school ended, or rather since Dale dropped OUT of OCAD) I have been asking about when I'm getting my stereo back because I really want to listen to Project Bounce in my room at night. But Dale would always be like "fuck! it's in a locked office!" ...blah blah... well obviously SOMEONE had the key to this Fort Knox because my stereo got stolen! Thanks Dale, you're awesome.

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