15 November 2001

Two things I'd like to mention first.
1. It fucking rules! As of yesterday I will never go to another supermarket ever again.
2. Ice cream sandwiches? Kidwiches? Does it get much better than THAT?

and now I'll mention a third..
3) Last night Beth and I went out and drank wine exclusively. we met up with pat and tom at Lava Lounge and one of the numerous boys I like was there! oh la la! and i totally missed this opportunity to talk to him and feel lame now. I can't DO it! I just can't go talk to certain people!! dahhh!

And now for my daily "TC and me say some dumb stuff that we think is mass funny" hour! So
eggstone2000: Fry's is this crappy chain of computer stores. i think it's a bay area thing... like comp usa. sorta a scuzzy computer supermarket
eggstone2000: hahahahah -->
eggstone2000: nice website. they even own an ISP.
eggstone2000: they squished the gif on their page so it looks even worse!
eggstone2000: like DUH. create gifs at the size you want to display them, so they won't look all fucked up from stretching or squishing
fevrier records: haha. dude they let the "special kids" make that page
eggstone2000: haha. they should put that on their corporate history page
fevrier records: design by: ShortBusMediaLab
eggstone2000: Fry's Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1985 in Sunnyvale, California in a 20,000 square foot location by the three Fry brothers, John, Randy, and Dave, and Kathryn Kolder. Fry's is a closely held private company, and all of the founders are actively involved in the daily operation of the business. Then the special kids came over, designed our fucked up webpage, and rode away in the short bus.

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