Oochie Wally Wally

Yesterday I tried to take care of some business. I called my temp agency, I called the EI office, and I had a rather infuriating conversation with the receptionist at a local womens clinic...here is the gist of it ...

"Hello Bay Centre"

"Yeah hi, I'd like to book an appointment for some time next week"

"What is the appointment for?"

"Something's goin on with my coochie..."

"Are you on the pill?"

"Well, no. I stopped taking it when something started goin on with my coochie."

"Oh okay well, you need to see a family doctor."

"Well... I thought this was more of a GYNECOLOGICAL thing (pertaining to my coochie and all)"

"It is ... but we don't have any gynecologists here."

"What? Then who stuck their hand in my cooch the last time I was there?"

"Huh? Oh... that was a temp."



Yeah. So I didn't even get a referral. What the hell? And just because I want to be clear to the readers at home that I am not a skank- there is nothing really wrong with me, I just skip periods and it's annoying. Obviously I am half-man. Like Jamie-Lee Curtis. Goodbye.

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