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4. december. 2001

I don't really have much to say. I am still in New York. Last night Mark Ibold dissed me and asked for i.d. which I didn't have because I was with two guys who I KNEW were rich enough to buy me drinks all night and thus- didn't bring my wallet.

I had the lovely Bill Hoffmann from the New York Post order me a shirley temple and I just drank it and smirked and smoked cigarettes. i am not BARELY LEGAL!!! (okay well, I guess in the legal drinking age sense I am...)i drew pictures on cocktail napkins and left them there for Mark. Alex also thought he had attitude when he told us not to use the jukebox. "I'm just tryin to save you a dollar or whatever..." I thought it was normal advice but we did kinda feel like saying. "ugh, cut the Malkmus bitch crap!" It's good that he didn't serve me though. As i found out this morning- I was already totally hammered! Damn Silicon Alley lemon drop company tabs.

bobbyburgesstriestoporkhighschoolgirls. hahahahaha

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