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Monday, April 2, 2001 daylight savings is kind of a drag. well it was on saturday when i was still at work at 5am.

Sunday was spent attempting to clean my room for the umpteenth time then going downtown to make color copies (which can't be done in the Beaches) and help Allison with some video editing. Of course this turned into me getting really drunk at the Free Times Cafe and turning poor Allison's editing session into a dance party. I invited my pal Justin along too.
Justin lives mere feet from the editing place (famous murder site- the Connaught building!) so I stayed over at his house and we listened to My Bloody Valentine and Fuxa and Windsor for the Derby and talked about how much we hate school. I neglected to go to class this afternoon and instead just hung around Justin's house, drinking Tang.

Now I'm at school helping Michael with some Flash and failing miserably. I have this serious hunch I need a bath. tonight is all about the all-night homework party at the Connaught building.

If I were a New Kids song- it'd have to be 'Hangin' Tough'


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