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Hey dudicals!

I was hoping to have some hot pixx for you today but no time for uploads when you're racing to get out of the house for work and a weekend trip to New York. As it is I forgot my keys and my iPod. Sorry, "the future"! No iTunes for me! Guess I'll have to READ ...EW! BARF!!!!

Instead I will provide some hot tidbitz from my world.
1. Baking class rules now that I have a digital scale! I've made a delicious apple pie and yesterday we made royal icing and practiced our piping skills. Chef Rock said I piped the best icing hearts in the WHOLE CLASS. Then I went home and practiced my uh...piping skills with Greg, Marq, and Mikey, before going to the worst Vice "party" evs. Why do I continue to go to these things when they are lame with invariable precision? I was bummed that I bothered to get dressed, but thankfully it was exactly 1.5 blocks from our house.

2. Have y'all seen this ad conceptor"? I haven't! I don't have speakers at work, but it looks like some of the spots have Andrea Rosen in them. Omg! Stella anyone??! Probably at least marginally funny.

3. Do any of you pals watch that show MEDIUM? Mike and I only get one channel so I am totally into Medium, but feel like the rest of the show should live up to the title sequence, which is really well done. I can't help but feel that if Medium were an HBO show it would be SICK! But the storylines, dialogue and cinematography are totally B+ network TV style.

4. Taco Villa anyone? They made a really good vegetarian burrito! It's kinda like Chipotle, if Chipotle didn't try to embarrass you with their obscene portions and shitty basket thing they put everyone of their food products in. Canada doesn't have Chipotle yet, and that's totally okay with e.b.m! I'm having Taco Villa for lunch today and getting a 5th stamp on my frequent gorger card!

5. Two Bears and Radius + Helena. Two bands I saw recently that were pretty awesome!

6. Other things! My mom's diary is like a long walk down an equally long pier, and Retardular Convenience is turning into a list of things I hate. Go and see if you're on the list!!

7. Every gorge makes a great gorge! I am putting on winter weight. Mike says "But it's not even winter yet!" and to this I say "TFB, dude! I'm starvacious!" and proceed to eat, like, a grilled cheese sandwich, sleeve of cheap cookies, strawberry milk shake, can of Fresca, bowl of cottage cheese, bowl of Special K (take the challenge, Canada!), cheese and crackers, steal some of Mikey's Coke, yogurt, lasagna, candy. Food is AWESOME. Put away the shorts and put on the cholesterol suit!
What makes my gorging moderately rad is that I make up songs as sweet odes to my love of max consumption, and these songs will one day win me some Junos?

8. Let's party.

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