Vernon Valley Great Gorge

Tomorrow I have an interview with what will be my now NINTH temp agency . Baby, take a bow.

And now, for the 'War Report' ....

fevrier records:  i watch CNN constantly 
Alextween:  hahahah....i am in complete shock and awe.
Alextween:  have they wheeled out wolf blitzer to relive the glory days of GULF WAR I (not to be confused with the sequel) ???
fevrier records:  haha
Alextween:  GULF WAR I, directed by Norman Schwarzkopf.  Starring Colin Powell, with a guest appearance by Wolf Blitzer as "the Coot".    GULF WAR II, written and directed by Donald Rumsfeld, co-starring George Bush II, saddam hussein, and introducing SHOCK AND AWE.

"A veritable tour de force." - Roger Ebert

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