Go back to those gold soundz...

Remember when you were young and you still believed shit like "if you see yourself die in a dream you will REALLY DIE" ?

Yeah I was just having a little laugh about that. But it's one thing that makes me think getting older won't be half bad. Unlike earlier today when Dale and I went out for lunch and found ourselves in the midst of some insane afternoon wife-swapping dance party. Pure Jimmy Buffet shirts on bloated hard-drinkin types, one of whom donned a captain's chapeau. The women were suckin back the Smirnoff Ice, dancing to bar band covers of Joe Cocker and Prince songs. One of them winked at Dale. One of them crashed into my face with chaos boobs.

On the way home:

Me: Man. That really bummed me out. I mean, I don't want to end up like that.

Dale: Well-

Me: Well yeah, THEY looked like they were having a good time- but I don't want to be shaking it in a bar some day while some punk little fucks laugh at my dance moves - then going home with my husband who you KNOW has some "clever" nugget of irony on his grilling apron. Like I don't think my MOM is that uncool. Don't like it when she dances either though. And she'll dance- she'll dance whenever. Supermarkets, to street musicians, clothing stores....

In other news, the past two nights have offered three pretty awesome parties. Some more awesome than others. Beth and I got yelled at for setting off fireworks last night. Jackie and I stole some beer. We all took it to the top, so to speak. (Pictures to follow)

Tomorrow the work week begins anew and I will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.

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