Birthday Redux-x-x

Hey alls!

Amazon wishlist updated within an inch of its cake-decorating, kate spade perfume-wearing, swiss design book-reading, LIFE! All 78 items must be purchased by you, not me. DIG IT!!

Now, onto some photographic elements.

I really cannot be arsed to write comments for all these things... but I say that everytime I do a photo thing and I inevitably write comments of either a factual or funny nature. I would like to preface these photos however, by saying that sometimes you go out and you think you look okay, then you see pictures like these and you're like- damn- maybe I should retool my look/face. Some of those "times" may be your MILESTONE BIRTHDAY, I don't know. Juss sayin.

First guests at the party! Mikey and I celebrate our solitude like a couple of GIRLS GONE WILD, with Jaegar, natch.

I didn't "show my tits" till way way later though.

Quarter century of whatever!

Fan and Dimitri

Best Couple Evs: Claire and Dennis

MAGIC INK!! Dennis' sick-as-hell tattoo of Claire!

Hilarity-master Nick Flanagan and Mike wearing a non-related Death From Above shirt

Red-Dave and luminous Jelena. I love these model/photographer relationships gone wild.

Nice face. Also of note: Francey Fitness behind me eating cake. Okay so like- I don't "know" her, but I know her a way that has only existed for about a decade and is too lame to even talk about at length. (pssst! *internet*)

nick. dave.

Another healthy, model/photographer relationship GONE WILD. Also! Sebastien and Eva speak more languages than you.

Again, nice face! Maybe I choked on some lime curd (made from scratch for the inside of the cake, thanks. xoxox best cook ever) ?



Oh I almost forgot. Please read MOM'S DIARY so I don't have to. I really can't take hearing about how my mom hasn't had sex in 5 months, but maybe you can. Distance makes the heart grow less nauseated, they say.

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