Last night a BJ saved my life

It's my birthday.


Also? I am falling way behind on these entries, so here are a bunch of pictures from Vancouver hijinxxx last Friday night...

Karen's friend Camie had this chrome low-rider so I molested it (the low rider, not Camie)

Earlier in the day when Karen and I were at a drug store she asked what we should get to mix with the rubbing alcohol we had selected for the evening's entertainment. Naturally I wanted to take it to the top in this shimmering jewel of the Pacific Northwest so I selected Sprite- THE REMIX.

The verdict? A really bad remix. Seriously I'll never be able to look at this stuff again (okay, not until saturday night when we cold drank it again) Leave the remixin to R. Kelly! The best part of this beverage was that in French it translates to "R and Baies." That's right. Rhythym and Berries- hit the dance floor.

The boys in Vancouver have this surfer/dirtbag look nailed! Travelling is fun.

Then again, sometimes you run into people like this that for some reason have a very high moisture content, like there appears to be a surface irrigation system covering his entire face. It's either high-tech or totally repugnant.

Karen's boyfriend Eric sometimes wears a turban. Just cuz. And most evenings end with me sitting on the sidewalk. Just cuz.

Thanks for enjoying (?) these photos that were taken with Karen's camera. And thanks to Karen for letting me stay at her apartment on the beach.

It birthday. Thank you. and thank you to my mom for creating the birthday. All hail the lord our saviour Jesus Christ.

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