Stupidbowl Sunday

I don't know how you feel about them and don't really care but... strobe lights? What the fuck? Who invented these things? Beth and I went out on friday and were TRYING to dance but strobe lights make it hard because, I for one, had to hold a hand in front of my eyes the entire time and looked like a goof. They give me a headache and make everyone look retarded.

Like, maybe I thought they were cool when I was 7 years old because you can wave your hand in front of them and it's like "ooh ! stop-motion! doo doo doo I'm a robot!" but then 30 seconds later I'm all "Fuck this noise, I'm nauseous. Where's my mom?"

This event also featured a smoke machine and everytime it went off I wanted to scream "FIRE!!!"

I'm off to the supermarket to buy stuff. I am making burritos and ginger snaps for Davy's Stupidbowl party, completing ignoring Davy's request for "you know... that spinach dip and you carve out a pumpernickel loaf and just fill it?"

I'm sure I'll also be complaining that this Superbowels party involves so much watching of football on TV. BOR-ING!

Oh- just as an aside- if you didn't already think I was the coolest person you never met- I have a record player *IN* my bed.

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