Bring the noise/ pass the controller

It's been hot the last 2 days so I'm gonna go ahead and call this "summer" - and summer means a lot of hanging around the balcony in skimpy bathing suits and having strangers come over to drink rum and blaze. Summer means people call up and stop by and enjoy some Chinese food and some dreamcast. Summer means waking up in the pigtails and outfit i wore yesterday and wearing it again today....

Yeah. Not quite the haiku you were hoping for, but I couldn't stand looking at myself in that SARS mask anymore. My new friend Fan asked, "Do you ever sex it up in your SARS gear?" and I said "no" as I put the gown on to show him. "Oh you GOTTA sex it up in THAT!"

I'm not even sure what fetish this pertains to or if it is even remotely sexy at all. I mean, it just looks like a yellow paper dress ...but I'll ask the primary shareholder and see what he thinks.

I'd write more but I'm already late for my scheduled 'sorbet-eating' time.

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