apple crisp THIS!

Okay i am changing this entry because it was just dirty. Mother's Day turned out nice after all and while I may have slightly burned the salmon cakes, the apple crisp was superb.

I didn't eat any of the salmon cakes. i just couldn't. I have been saying I want to start eating fish after 11 years of not eating any fish, red meat or poultry, and I even have eaten some tuna from a can and a bite of beth's mom's salmon when we went to dinner. But as soon as i emptied the can of salmon into the bowl I started crying. It was just so gross and like.. real looking. Anyway, my mom made me leave the room so she could take the skin off. Then she called me back in and said "stop. it's fine. once it's all mushed up? you'll like it. it's good for you."

I had to make patties out of it but I couldn't look directly at the stuff, so I just looked at the ceiling and repeated, "cookie dough, just cookie dough.. mmm cookie dough. Just making some cookies!...with cookie dough..." so i wouldn't get totally nauseous. Anyway. I am an awesome daughter right? Wrist-deep in flaked fish for my mama!

I could go to the Shout anniversary thing now? But chances are i will either see people that make me uncomfortble or not see anyone i know at all! Lose-lose. I am getting in bed with my Martha Stewart magazines.

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