Get out of my SPIDER HOLE!

Yeah I love how my mom let me mope around in my nightgown eating multiple grilled cheese sandwiches, complaining about the buckets of champagne I drank last night, watching fucking SNL reruns and failed to mention the US fucking captured Saddam Hussein?

So as a result, the "conversations with my mother" that were promised in the last entry have been eliminated due to diminished relevance and an overall un-funny quality.

As for my Christmas list I will keep it short.

Canon digital photo printer
a firewire hard drive
money (paypal is fine)
I am also registered at as well as Amazon.

Great. Now for "Karl Says":

"How about this... killing this dude named Moneymaker (world series of poker champ with massive oakley goggles), by putting him in a speedboat fullblast all the way to indo-china dead. Think of that as an ultimate movie
Me: Can a penis wear a cape in one scene?
Karl: Hmmm. Maybe before that happens or maybe when he arrives in indo-china dead the penis with a cape is crying. "

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