empty calories

03 October 2001

So I waited on line for over 4 hours last night to see The Strokes and The Moldy Peaches play a free show at The Horseshoe last night. 700+ people in the lineup. But the show was amazingly great. And Pat and Tom and Charlie and Joanne Huffa and some boy I think I might have a crush on were all there. And I think i have three broken toes.

In other news I have a big meeting tomorrow so I'll be sure to bring a book, lean back and put it over my face like they do in the movies.
Monday is Canadian thanksgiving... which is really sad for me because I have no family in Canada and this isn't my thanksgiving and I will be alone for the 3rd - no 4th -year in a row and my mom has Monday off too and isn't visiting me. *whine whine* so I guess i'll fill that day with naps, pot, classic rock and javascript.

At least I get paid on Friday. Wanna come over?

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