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Let's keep chugging along shall we? Two Sundays ago, Tween asked if I wanted to go to Atlantic City. As a video-poker fanatic, high-heel wearer, broke-ass, and lover of fresh, uncut oxygen, I naturally agreed. We recruited the Curran sisters for their love of trashiness, willingness to eat Sbarro, digital camera skills and unflinching ability to concoct priceless Tween stories on the spot.

The Tween drove us in Tween Taxi all the way to dirty jerz and we "cruised the strip" because Celia had never seen the gleaming lights of Atlantic City before. Her blue eyes lit up with the neon shimmer of 1000 bail bonds signs.

I shed a single tear.

Then we busted to the Taj Mahal, became instantly revivified by oxygen flow, performed a micro power-gorge at Sbarro, and hit the slots. They have no "live" quarters anymore! It's all these ridiculous coupons so you are trapped at a single casino and never get to here the pingpingpingpingcha-ching of real money. It sucked. We needed a drink.

Atlantic City is the one and only place I'll drink white russians. It's like the official drink of "I blew my retirement by putting all my money into a machine with blinking lights on it."

Alex went into one of the card rooms to play REAL poker (I'm too wuss to play with strangers) so me, dee and cee went and hung out in the spacious bathroom upstairs.

So gaudy! We love it. There were a bunch of TV sets stacked and tuned to several episodes of the Apprentice at once... above them hung this vinyl banner saying "Watch the Apprentice ... or you're FIRED!" Could I get any MORE fired? I'm at a damn casino at 2am on a Sunday. I'm cleary already out of a job or about to be.

Pretty much no one ever came in to the bathroom so we were free to get tarded in it for almost an hour before we decided we better check on Tween.

Celia took a bunch of photos too, check them out here.

We got home about 3 hours later then we expected, everyone got to sleep in the car, cept me and Tween who talked about Poker pretty much the whole trip. It was a nice going-away present to hang with high school homies like old times but with better skin and less acid.

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