Barf into your open hands!

Sorry diary-

I was trying to starve you to see if you could drop those extra 40 pounds you've been carrying around since you were 13. Oh wait that's me!! Nevermind!

Want to hear about the shittiest weekend ever and how our car is trashed and our bikes are trashed and how I couldn't even be BOTHERED to get trashed at the most boring dinner party of all times last night? And how I kept wasting the best jokes ever on these people? I DIDN'T.FUCKING.THINK.SO!!!

But before that- like on last Wednesday and Thursday I had fun hanging with folks. Wednesday meant seeing Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, Bobby Tisdale and Patrick Borelli do their thing at Invite Them Up. And Cristi was there -which ruled since I haven't seen her since she got a FRIENDSTER BOYFRIEND and ditched me!!

Thursday night, Alex phoned me up to tell me that Billy Parker (friend from highschool days) was performing with his improv troooop at UCB. I was instantly hilarified at the prospect of this and said "WE HAVE TO GO! Let's heckle!!" We didn't heckle because we were too stunned at first ...thinking 'what a self-congratulating bunch of tomfuckery' but then everyone was awesome and we laughed a lot and afterwards we all get mass wasted. Well, not Alex- oh and I made a new friend!

Are you caught up enough for now? Do you just want to donate some money? Cool.

Better entry tomorrow.

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