Blow your own mind.

I'm a little too "at work" to do a real entry. I'm also a little too "hungover" (thanks New York) but I'll post some of the 1000 pictures I took of me and Deirdre later. In the meantime, you get this shitty list from the 2003 Minnesota State Fair.

Consumed during the 2003 Minnesota State Fair:

Chocolate Chip Cookies — 3,195,480 individual cookies.

Foot-long Hot Dogs — 183,764 (lined up end to end, enough to cover the 35 miles from the fairgrounds to New Richmond, Wisconsin!).

French Fries — 3,244,200 ounces.

Pork Chops — 90,000.

Corn on the Cob — 180,967 ears.

Pizza — 107,688 slices (and we don’t even deliver!).

Milk — 20,000 gallons of milk are served at the American Dairy Association’s All-You-Can-Drink concession.

Mini-Donuts — 4,056,000 individual donuts.

Corn Dogs — 515,900 (32,000 lbs. of flour and cornmeal were needed to cover the corn dogs consumed by fairgoers in 2003!).

Cheese Curds — 2,600,000 individual curds were battered, deep fried and gobbled up.

Yay!!! 2,000,000,000 pounds of deep-fried American PRIDE more like! Hot dogs to reach from Minnesota to some place in Wisconsin I never heard of? French (freedom) fries measured in OUNCES? An all-you-can-drink milk contest? EXACTLY 90,000 pork chops! They were going to say "90,432 pork chops" to make it sound as real as the other totally approximated or entirely fabricated statistics but then they were like NO- how about an even 90,000.

"I'd love to sell you these pork chops but I'm afraid we've already sold 90,000 and you're so morbidly obese that I feel like committing suicide. Maybe we'll see you at the Minnesota Beef Expo though?"

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