The Good Static

Sorry. Here is your entry.

Last night I went to see Desert Fathers and Metric at Southpaw... then to Corner Bistro with Alex ...then Brian H's party- but Brian was ripped and soon kicked everyone out.

Alex stayed over at my house. After I read him a story and tucked him in on the couch, it was time to "set the static." See- Alex is abnormal in myriad ways but one of his finer oddities is that he can't sleep without some sort of white noise. So he asked if I had a fan but I suggested i just turn the radio to some dead station.

"Try 86.7"
"Why? Do they have good static?"
"Yeah I seem to remember they have the best static."
"What is good static?"
"Static that's not like *demonstrates bad static* "
"Wait- you like the static that's random and has spurts of chatter in it?"
"No I was demonstrating bad static. This is good static (points to the stereo). But could you turn it up?"

I turn it up.

"A little more... okay that's perfect. Can *you* sleep with this?"
"Uh huh"

I realized after we had been up for a few hours playing Ms. Pacman Maze Madness and The Next Tetris (Dreamcast) we still had the static on.

It was good.

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