Spring Preening

Yeah Yeah that Post article thing is coming (like you're holding your breath) -- here are two photos of me and my pal Fil from later that same evening (ash wednesday!) when we were all drunk at Rififi.

Our composition skills can't be beat. I took one of these photos, Fil took the other. It's awesome because he is a photographer. What else about Fil? Well, he has been shot at. As in, with a gun- not a camera! Much like 50 Cent.

Also, he is Polish. All Polish people really do look like Roman Polanski- and very rarely like 50 Cent.

These pictures below are from the first warm day we had in New York and everyone went nuts with the spring clothing. I am wearing a new coat from Ted Baker and my dear friend Billy Wh**lan (he doesn't like getting Googled) is wearing something that probably cost a lot as well. He is an actor. Look for him on your next box of 'tampons for men'!

Sometimes I worry about the fact that I am drinking in every picture that has ever been taken of me but then I'm like 'pfft, I am an internet celebrity. I am in a constant state of 'having a good time.' Who cares." I don't even LIKE blonde hair. It's called 'sacrifice'

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