Hey Ma (happy birthday)

So now it's 5am but before that, it was my mom's birthday . So I'd like to give a shout out to my moms and to JFK, even though he totally ruined my mom's sweet 16 because everyone wanted to watch his funeral on TV and my mom just wanted to listen to her Johnny Mathis records- but couldn't.

fevrier records: my mom bought the Missy album
Alextween: hahahah....really? that is hilarious
fevrier records: but I just made her a cd for her birthday
fevrier records: which was today by the way
fevrier records: my mom also has the Clipse record
fevrier records: and Nellyville
Alextween: oh my god...that is insane!
fevrier records: true!
fevrier records: and she buys them ... as bootlegs!! in chinatown!
fevrier records: she is a little hoodrat
Alextween: oh my god! what is yr mom doing in chinatown? canal st. shopping?
fevrier records: yes
fevrier records: scammin..... following the ace,... you know... normal stuff for a 55yr old
Alextween: hahah....
Alextween: fake rolexes
Alextween: fake prada bags
fevrier records: yeah.. she goes down there with a trenchcoat full of water-piks

We still love you mom! You're the best!!!!!! A true "Jenny from the Block" !!!

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