My Own Private Apocalypse

So I have been all mass emotional about this impending move and trying to disguise this fact is just making me seem distracted and socially awkward so I finally cried about it last night and a bit today. I don't know what I want to hear in response...

...I really CAN'T stay in Toronto past August 1st so there is really no point in getting all upset about it. My friend Karl also tells me I'm not allowed to be upset about the thought of people NOT missing me since *I* am the one leaving.


I am flying to New York in 4 days to go see my new apartment and sign my lease and hand over $4000 or my first born or whatever they need.

My mom offered this little suggestion...

mom: when you come home we can eat cherries in the park...and spit the pits at BUMS.

me: hahah

mom: bums HATE that

So I guess that's it. I'm transitioning from a life of professional 'hanging out' and string of retard jobs to a megalopolis where I will spit on the less fortunate with impugnity.

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