Today has been the weirdest day.. I started of on the wrong note.. I think I may have had some nightmares. Anyway, I didn't end up getting out of bed till 4:30. I guess my mom didn't get my email instructing her to wake me at 10:30! shit- I'll finish this entry later. I gotta go.

Yeah.. so like I baked hundreds of cookies and danced in my kitchen to The Wake (SARAH 602) with tears streaming down my face. My mom called once and tried to make me feel better but it wasn't helping. Then she called back and said she was a blowhard and wished she could see through bullshit like me. i laughed. I get a kick out of people wanting to emulate the things about myself that i, for the most part, hate. I mean of course throngs of people are lining up to emulate my finer points.. .but my lesser ones? Who knew! Anyway... I stopped crying because 'American Grotto ' is a great song and the cookies were coming out beautifully.

Dale came home and we had fun tymez. I was wearing no pants and was halfway down the stairs when dan came home .. "oh shit!! what do i do?!!!" Dale said "run! my room! "so i hid in Dale's room and he shut the light out and made Dan go in his own room and shut the door. "Why?" Just do it! Don't look... DON'T LOOK! Not yet... So i ran down to my room, laughing hysterically, trying to put on some damn pants. (sorry i just don't wear them when i am depressed) Dan called me and Dale "nuts" then it was time to watch SnipperNet and get baked.

Went to work at 12 and I'm talking to a pal online when it comes to light that whereas previously everyone was thought to be seperated from everyone else by a mere 6 degrees, it appears- in my life- that I am seperated from everyone by just TWO. I'd go into detail but I can't.

Someone find me a new job.

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