With a little bit of *ungh* *ungh*...

i overslept like a turd but now i am ready and must call robin and head down to Beth's or something for our girl party at Diplomatico. My hair is looking stunning thanks to Meredith's brilliant highlighting job. I told my mom about it and she sighed with joy.

In other news, my internet-bought cigarettes from some shanty warehouse in Switzerland arrived today... with a $27 DUTY TAX SHIT. I was really annoyed. I'm an American ordering British cigarettes from Switzerland and CANADA wants money? Bullshit! For what? LETTING me smoke cigarettes in their country? I just can't win.

All this has inspired me to start my own brand of cigarettes. They will say GANGSTA down the length of the cigarette in black block letters and the filter will be hot pink. Actually I am going to make lots of prototypes out of Silk Cuts this week and scan them for you all to see.

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