Graham had this to say.

Here is a message from my friend Graham Smith. Not so much an entry as a ... message from my friend Graham Smith who is awesome in every way but especially the producing of sounds.

Hello and greetings,

It's been forever and a day and a half since last I played live music in a rock venue, and now at great long last the day has come for it to happen.

I've been hard at work on a new record, YES BOSS, which should be coming out incredibly soon. The songs are written, we are just in the process of making it sound decent to thine ears. You'll thank us.

SO, in order to support this effort, and get you all excited for its eminent release, why don't you come out and have a listen, a look, and a laugh at our expense, in that order (note: no expenses paid).

Friday, July 7th, Pianos,

ELECTRIC SHOW- Reasonable requests taken w/ purchase of Reasonable brand hair conditioner, new songs performed at no additional cost

W/ The Brand, The Slats, Striptease Battleshiip, New Granada

Sunday July 9th, Living Room,

ACOUSTIC SHOW- No unreasonable offer refused, nor behavior rebuked. Benefit for a camp that brings crazy people from all over the world out into the middle of the woods and explains the benefits of investment banking education. Featuring the ghost of Sam Kinison.


July 22nd, Pianos. Details t/k.

Well, that's all. If you're interested in learning about the new record why don't you send an e-mail to Better yet, get all your asshole friends to do it to, and I'll send out some songs in MP3 format as I promised long long ago and we'll get this guy cracking.

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