Shut Up!

Happy Gobble gobble gobble gobbble !!!

My cousin, his girlfriend, my mom and myself are meeting up to ride the bus to New Jersey for 3 hours to my grandparents crib in Lakewood. Word! Playing shitty games on my iPod for 3 hours? I'm sure to vomit profusely upon arrival!

My cousin Jared's advice for Thanksgiving this year:
Whatevs. Just get drunk, eat, then fall asleep. That's all you gotta do"

Yeah bro, as opposed to what i do EVERY year?

I'm still sitting here with last night's eye makeup on- The Forms at Mercury Lounge? Succeeded in scaring everyone in the audience to death. But it was still pretty rad-i-tech.

Sorry. I have to go before I get attacked by a wild Tofurkey.

More later.

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