How old are you again?

Alright. I left that crappy non-entry there for too long. Sorry. I forgot. Hell, I have a roll of film I took in to be developed in AUGUST... and now I'm almost afraid to go over there and have them laugh in my face. I think there is a subconscious reason to my NOT picking up that roll of film but that is another story.

I have been in a pretty good mood since the 11th...I did have a mini tantrum last night but no one was awake to see it.

*boring story alert!!*

See... I was under the impression that Dale was going to accompany me to the store but I guess FUCKING is way cooler than going to Sak's so I went off to go get murdered by myself. When I got back i didn't care that I was making a lot of noise making whip cream with the hand mixer. What bothered ME however was the fact that it just wouldn't whip up! Finally I was all FUCCCCKKKKKK and i pulled the beaters out of the mixer, stuck them in the freezer, and stuck the bowl of not so whipped cream in the fridge and called my mom. Then around 2:15 i was ready to try again. This time the beaters were nice and freezing and i didn't mess around with that "low speed" nonsense. So what if i was trying to wake the dead? I was having a craving. Mmmmm ... I am the best cook ever.

*boring story is over*

The job search continues... but I am leaving it in the hands of others. Sometimes i wish I had something to do during the day (not an office job... like... park ranger or 'forest guide' or something... if toronto had a you know, ....FOREST)... it looks nice out. I love the way fall smells

Dude!!! How did I make that shitty entry even WORSE by saying essentially nothing? Here- I'll sum it up... "hi... I'm boring.. I like whip cream.. I get upset when it doesn't work out... I am bitter that my roommates get to bone regularly, I talk about nature and wanting to leave the house when we all know that is a crock of shit and I will sit RIGHT HERE until I get bed sores. "

Thanks for reading.

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