The jewel in New Jersey's crown

Atlantic City is breathtaking even for New Yorkers. It's small size and unpleasant odor soon fade as you become aware that 100 Chrysler buildings couldn't rival the lumen output, insane architecture and wallet-shredding force of just one Atlantic City.

I mean it's a whole town whose livelihood depends on people getting wasted and making bad judgements. For instance, this month Michael Bolton is playing there.

There are many many casinos to choose from in Atlantic City but we didn't know the pecking order so Alex and I just stuck to Taj Mahal and Showboat, which are - interestingly enough- also my grandparents favorites.

As soon as you walk into Showboat you are greeted by a maelstrom of colours and patterns that I'll just describe as "unique." It's sort of like being raped but in a really fun, american way. There are mirrors but no windows, ATMS but no clocks, trellises adorned with plastic plants, ridiculously colourful murals covering every last inch of surface area, met at the ground by hypnotic carpet- usually in the purple family. Still, casinos are one of about 3 places left in America where you can still smoke cigarettes so I let some of the decor malfeasons slide, in order to indulge my own.

The other reason for my forgiving attitude might have something to do with the monster loads of oxygen they pump out onto the gaming floor to keep thoe slot-pulling arms limber and alert. Alex and I were very aware of a palpable burst of energy and the casinos rather unsubtle attempts at plunging us into catastrophic debt. But the oxygen did it's trick and we felt invigorated, not manipulated. But also hungry- so we headed out to the boardwalk for some "fresh" air.

Alex wondered aloud if the Taj Mahal and the Casbah suffered worse after 9/11 than say other, less "exotic" sounding places like Claridges or Tropicana.

This only added to our suspicion. However, upon eating these fries that so accurately symbolize our nation's freedom, we were more than ready to bomb the Taj Mahal too. Thems good fries!! I mean, watching some teen refill the ketchup dispensers from some gross bag was a little unsavoury, but then again so are our paychecks so it's only fitting.

*To be continued in mere moments.... *

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