Monday Mayhem

So Alex and I were the only 2 people at the Creeping Nobodies show who weren't the Creeping Nobodies, dude from Japanther or photography legend/ teen model, Konrad J.

At first I thought I'd set this entry up like 'ebm vs Konrad J click-off' but then I realized all the pictures Konrad took with my elph were better and I'd be setting myself up for ridicule.

So instead I will just post the pictures and make "witty comments"

A picture *I* took of Sarah from Creeping Nobodies, then one Konrad took of me and him.

I was thinking PBR might be bummed that I am often holding their product in photos where I am exhibiting signs of moderate retardation, but then I remembered it's made by the same people who make Stroh's and Lone Star and they're probably happy that someone under 500 pounds is willing to spend what, $3, on their stuff.

Konrad took this picture over his shoulder while simultaneously attempting to kick me in the box. Nice try!

Nightmerica's debut show was awesome. Alex Tween said it sucked but then his nose grew like Pinocchio, see? Just kidding, Alex thought it was epic too.

Konrad took this AMAZING PHOTO OF MATT MCDONOUGH'S HANDS! No wonder Terry Richardson fell asleep when he met you, Konny!

Again, I'm just playing- Konrad and his pal Sarah were the best part of the evening, tied with Creeping Nobodies, and followed by insane amount of PBR. Oh shit, also Alex's car with the amish windshield wipers (the mechanics of which involve YOUR ARM holding the wiper out the window and scraping it back and forth across the glass).


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