oh, and everything smells like urine

My new line of work- while occasionally comical- for the most part just brings me down.

Today seemed particularly long. Some guy got blood all over me, a convicted murderer gave me a lighter then later told me what kind of coffin he was going to bury me in. (chipboard. 12 feet deep so I can't get up and wiggle around)

Also- I helped this sweet pregnant lady into the hospital to deliver her 7th child- a boy, and talked to her other little children while she went in because they were upset they couldn't come too. I explained to 4 year old Simone that soon mommy would bring them all a rad little brother but right now she needs to relax and get some doctors to help out. A few hours later I found myself drawing up the paperwork to admit her husband and youngest son to take her home. No baby brother for young Simone, just stillborn horror to a mocking soundtrack of cheap fireworks. Happy Canada Day.

Then some crap transpired once I left the hospital- but it seems fairly benign in comparison, so at the very least I guess my job tends to put things in perspective.

Tomorrow's another day. 10pm-10am. That should be interesting.

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