I'll just live in my memories. k thx

Here are some pictures. FINE!

Mike and I took a walk and ran into Dave and Jelena on Queen St . Jelena said "See! People really do walk!"

We drove to Niagara Falls! I had never been there before! We had a sensaysh time and Mikey even won all his money back on the slots!

Then we drove back to Toronto (car antics!) in time for some chick's party!

Jackie and some fuckers who later threw a glass at Mike and I outside? I dunno, I just felt shards of glass against my legs and was all "Um... vice attacks. let's go."

This chick had this crazy dog that looked like Andy Warhol.

Mike at Rob's house. Reeeoow.

Eva came over before the Death From Above show and Mikey went off to band practice so we had run of the house which meant jumping on the bed and much tequila.

Is that good for now? Part 2 tomorrow!

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