Ladies? Can you feel me? Gay men? Can you feel me?

So recently i have been going to sleep listening to classical music. In addition to really enjoying this, there is also that lingering hope that, much like learning French with the book under your pillow, it will somehow make me smarter. I have no idea if it's working but I did have the most amazing dream last night. Do you ever dream *just * about clothes? I mean.. it wasn't even a 'shopping spree' or like I was picking out clothes for my new um... life with Owen Wilson. No. Instead it was me in this nice showroom and sometimes my mom was there but obviously it was a dream because she wasn't complaining or telling me i should exercise more.

I can tell you about every piece i touched. the fabric. the cut. sometimes even the price.

The great thing is that the majority of the clothes I saw do not exist in real life so i would like to create them... the ones that DO exist in real life are just as hype as they were designed by WOLVES!! No not the animal but the Toronto-based clothing line of the same name. Wolves. Check them out.

So. As you can tell by this entry, my waking life is no less rich and meaningful than my obviously fruitful dream process. Tonight i plan on dreaming about the perfect dogbed or loaf pan.

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