Revenge of the SHITh!

Guess who doesn't give a shit about Star Wars? ...ding ding ding it's me!!

Yesterday Mike told me that our friend Dave is the busiest unemployed person in the world but I'm thinking maybe it's me?

I mean, I do get up at the crotch of dawn for no reason- look for jobs, make tea, swiffer the apartment compulsively, throw stuff in the garbage, water plants, move heaps of clothes from one box to another, put a bowl in the sink, add things to my to-do list on my hiptop, work on my freelance design projects, make the bed, burn a few CDs to my iTunes, light some candles, take a look at the dining room to make sure it's still there, fuck with my iTunes some more, put some books on a shelf, slide boxes from one side of the office to the other, moisturize, pound some diet soft drinks, water my plants again, go to the grocery store, make a delicious meal for my boyfriend, bake such as delicious cupcakes, self-tan, do nails, update my "hiplog"...

See that's just it. Diary, I have been cheating on you with a retarded blog I update from my phone. Here it is- TOTALLY RETARDULAR. Makes little sense and has like Croatian quality photos on it, diary- so don't even act jealous, you are my one true diary.

Partytronics tonight. The weekend starts here! Flyer blitz continuing as OUR PARTY approaches. Wish to attend?

SUNDAY. 22 May 05
El Amigo
1205 Queen St. W. (@ Dufferin)
dj: mike, microtard, nick flanagan, and dale ronson (also a tard)

plus the usual chicks with good haircuts and boys in good pants.

My mom's diary is still INSANE, y'alls!!!

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