you get ill, i get ill, then we both kill at will

People confuse me. A lot. I can't take Toronto anymore! I was having a witto tearful breakdown with my mommy on the phone last night so maybe I'll move back to New York before September. Yaaaaayyyy!!! Well, it's sorta like "Yaaaaayyyy!!!" but also like "Wahhhh!!!!" because it means none of this good shit

1. Jesse Keeler singing 'The Greatest Love of All' at a bar on Richmond
2. pad thai at the Red Room
3. My nigga fa real, Dennis Chow
4. Katie stuffing pint glasses into her coat "for the new apartment!"
5. The hilarity and danger of living at Sherbourne and Dundas
6. Sebastien's booty jams
7. Dale's antics: Throwing beer on girls, throwing pizza at girls, showing his balls, telling strangers the holocaust never happened, pouring wine down dan's throat as he sleeps, stealing money out of people's back pockets....
8. Bowling in the ghetto (back in the day)
9. bike riding
10. Everything else. Pals. Routines. Crushes.

Shit I hate entries like this... I'll delete it later.

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