Billy, don't be a hero...

Tonight was both cool and total shite! I was having an okay time, then I got really depressed over something dumb- like at that point where you think you're totally gonna cry and your chin quivers and you have to bite your lip and throw your eyes to the upper right corner of your head...then some dude stomped on the top of my delicate foot and I just burst into tears. Not wanting pals to see, I tried to quickly escape to the bathroom but was apprehended by a bouncer who made me sit down next to him and he grabbed my shoe and pressed on my foot and asked if i was okay. I guess he could see that I was crying and thought that I must have been pretty injured but it wasn't that bad.

Beth did something fucking hilarious. This dude came up to her, as dudes often do, and asked about her lip piercings. Beth, who usually responds with silence and glares said "I shit in the pool!" knowing the guy totally wouldn't hear her and he didn't and there was lots of smiling and nodding. Later he came up to her again and she said something like "I really like to eat eggs!!"

Anyway, it just made me wonder when exactly the world is going to stop shitting in my pool.

Can I tell you a secret oh super private diary on the world wide web? I have had sex with people i wasn't in a relationship with- this is not uncommon- but here is what is- everyone I HAVE been in a sort of relationship with? I haven't had sex with. Now, if I could have known that I was going to have sex exclusively with fairly meaningless assholes? i would have stayed a virgin (maybe) because then that way- I'd still have a chance of going to heaven.

Okay, so maybe that 's bullshit but that was one of the XTREEEM thoughts i had tonight. Because obviously I am being punished for something i just don't know what. (I have ideas but they are all really from Catholic school and I don't believe in those ideas anymore)

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