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Okay bros- i know these picture things are fun but they are so time consuming- like - all this stuff happened over a week ago but here goes.

I went over to Tommy's to see Ghost Exits play but that didn't really happen, luckily Dan and Donna were in the house.

And this weird creature was in the house too. I mean the bunny troll, not the people.

As fun as wrestling inanimate objects can be, Tween and I heard our pals Shannon and Marty were at Union Pool so we hopped in the mystery van and sped off.

We lured Shannon into the van with promises of treats/kittens/candy/classic rock.

We didn't have a real live cowbell in the van to accurately cover 'Don't Fear the Reaper' but this Snapple bottle and bic pen came in real handy. It's the thought that counts anyway, right?

NOW I ASK YOU- what kind of after-party would I be hosting if we didn't put on lab coats / SARS masks and play a little 'doctors and nurses'?

Seriously, I don't know- that's why I'm asking. I don't think I always make the best suggestions but whatever- shit is always fun and hilarious.

And like, hula-hooping? It's back in a major way. Typically I adhere to a one-person-per-hoop rule but I made an exception for Shan-tron.

It didn't work. It's very high concept and we aren't ready/german enough.

Oh dear. I forget what this move is called. I think it's called 'Stop drinking, you don't have insurance.'

Thanks for listening! !!?!???!?!?!!?!!!!

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