Totally checkin' in with MY GRANDPARENTS

Sorry It's been a while bros. What has been going on you ask? Well, recently I took a trip to Leisure Village Retirement Community to visit some hilarious old-timers, MY GRANDPARENTS!!!(LOL! You thought I was visiting just any old people??? Shame on you! Visiting old people is for priests and celebrities whose agents need them to come off as "warm" , silly!) Unless of course the old people you are referring to are, in fact, MY GRANDPARENTS. Then visiting them is a total grand fiesta!

I would love to tell you all about MY GRANDPARENTS but I simply do not have the time right now!

So instead, please accept these 3 photographic images from MY GRANDPARENTS house in Lakewood, NJ (which is where old people are made, in case you were curious).

If you were friends with MY GRANDPARENTS you could actually sleep here!!

When you're down with MY GRANDPARENTS, you ALWAYS know when the can is free!

When you are fully feelin' MY GRANDPARENTS? You will proclaim your love in radical new ways.

These photos and 21 more will appear later in an online exhibition entitled "It's a Grandma Thang" as part of's epic inaugural celebration.

Please stay tuned for that, as well as other news on MY GRANDPARENTS, drinking in public, the peterson verdict, immigration to Canada, plus local sports and weather.

Thank you for reading my very important diary today.

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