America is the new Russia

My pal Molly made this radical bumper sticker which basically sums up my level of enthusiasm the past 6 months.

If this motherfucker concedes, I'm out.

I was talking to Mikey last night while I was in the bath about how funny it is that you can be as famous as the president until the second you lose. Then the next morning you're who? You're not even Dewey. You're just a tired dude in a suit.

Here's a little play from last evening.
Mumsy: Bush won Florida.
Me: Yeah? Well hell, we knew that.
Mumsy: I can't take it
Me: Murder-suicide?
Mumsy: Ha ha ...Yeah.
Me: you want to be the murder or the suicide?
Mumsy: You stop.

Seriously. When will Iraq come and liberate US?

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