We're Big in Wisconsin

Yall's haven't heard from Karl in a while. So here's a thing...

ebeth: Party in toronto
ebeth: Celebrate canada's inability to play hockey!
karl: SHUT UP)
karl: i havent seen the fucking game yet
karl: you ******!
karl: and im downloading it right now
karl: and they obviously lost
karl: thanks for ruining it
ebeth: Ah fuck
karl: welp
karl: there goes that
ebeth: Don't you read internet?
ebeth: Fuck
karl: fuck no
ebeth: I'm sars dude
karl: i have a website where assholes capture every game
karl: yeah
karl: great
karl: 900 mb, DOWN THE TOILET
ebeth: That shit isn't live where u from?
karl: sure it is. i dont have cable anymore
ebeth: Watch in a bar with the rest of the meatheadz
karl: fuck that
ebeth: Well fuck. I owe you something.
karl: i hate watching sports around people
ebeth: Yeah?
ebeth: Most **** love it
karl: yeah cause they suck
karl: shut up
karl: go party
ebeth: shot of tequila?
karl: good, i'm glad that whole country is destroyed now. sadness for gretzky and pat quinn's fat shit owl face.
ebeth: Gretzky and his wife are in trubz.
karl: No just his gay ass wife. She won't even get in trouble. karl: great. now it can be Russia vs. Finland in the gold medal game so my dog Ovechkin can slaughter someone's face
ebeth: word.
karl: Just wait until I get to ruin something for you.
ebeth: pfffft. fine.

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