Poopy Morning

I hate when you wake up and you're *already* pissed off. Since I switched my full-length mirror from 'skinny position' to 'reality position' I have been a bit more grumbly. Add to that stepping in a mystery pool of water under my sink while wearing tights, and discovering that there is an inch of snow outside and that all my hard gardening work for the past 6 weeks is now ruined. wow cool.

Anyway, I have a job interview at 10 for a job I ACTUALLY really really want. I not only WANT this job I also NEED this job. So giving it to me would be totally win-win!

Oh and i just looked outside and my landlord left without me and I thought he was going to give me a ride. Could it get any worse? Maybe I'll squirt perfume in my eye or spill tea in my lap! Only time will tell. But let me tell you this. If I am not gainfully employed by the end of the week- i am joining the Red Army for sure. I just wish they were cool like Baader-Meinhoff and not lame like.. well whoever chills with the Red Army now.

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