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Cinco de Mayo dude!

Takin' it to the top!!!
The New York leg of the tour has obviously been most excellent. My mom is trying to nap so i don't want to type lots but basically- Dennis and I have been going full force while everyone else has been giving it a mere 50-70%... and that's okay. We can't all shine all the time right?

My only complaint really about Death From Above's show at the Knitting Factory is that not enough niggas was dancing. But my mom showed up, and she even worked the merch table with Zoe while I went out to have a cigarette. Upon my return she giddily announced that she sold a t-shirt. One of the t-shirts Sebastien, Zoe and myself handcrafted in a bum latreen in the west village earlier in the day. We're very proud of our products, just like we're very proud to be alive.

Fuck. We sold 4 shirts before they even played. Tomorrow (tonight?) is the show at Luxx, and I suggest you thugs come out.

Dennis and I just got back from Shout and we are well ripped. It's time to crawl in bed with my mom. Oh, I'm happy about the fact that the best friends I've had in my career of having friends are all wanting to move to New York- and if that never presents itself as a feasible option, at the very least- I never have to question where these kids loyalties lie.

On that note, I'm going to get my snore on.*

* Yo, I may have some faults but like, snoring? That's not one of them. I think I snored once- and it was back when I had SARS. Ontari-ario!!!!

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