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It's Independence Day. Now more then ever, nationalism is for retards. Unless you're Canadian, then you think it's cool.

So Monday night when I got back from the Hamptons I needed something to do to justify my leaving a clean-aired paradise (well sorta) for the peestained confines of the city, so i checked Yahoo Groups NYHappenings list and decided to go to Plant. describes Plant as like being all trendy and like a rainforest or something. I had a good time. I hate going places by myself though- I am forced to smoke cigarettes to avoid looking like I am a spy or something. Some French guy was hitting on me and trying to make out with me by the bathrooms so I told him I was getting married and he fucked off for a while...but just a while. So yeah, quel surprise, I drank too much and felt like a bag of aliens the next morning. But the dude who bartends there is the singer for The Rapture...

I went to see The Rapture and some other bands last night at the Knitting Factory. So many good looking people in one (okay 3) rooms, i could hardly contain myself. But, I'm pretty containable and I was with Alex and we had a taken some codeine and it was really hot in there and blah blah... I got to see old pals Kristy and Melissa, which was cool. Chuck was there too and we realized, about 3 years earlier we were all there- all friends- before the mysterious tainting of some blood between us- taking polaroids and stuff.

Then Alex and I left to find this bar on 8th street that Mark Ibold from Pavement supposedly works at. But I was getting pissy because my shoes hurt and Alex had no idea where this place was or what it was called- except that it was cajun. He thought this really narrowed it down.

I went jogging with my mother this morning by the Hudson and yeah, I can run faster than her. heh.

Then we did lunch, then we brought the remainder of our lunch home, then we went to the supermarket and now my mom is in the middle of her tri-annual tradition of watching all the Godfather movies in a row, and I am burning cds and stuff. Oh and I made morningstar farms 'Chik Nuggets' which are like chicken nuggets but with no meat! They are especially nice with 'spicy ketchup/ketchup epicee.' Oh we also bought 2 Destiny's Child albums today. My mom totally loves them. She's a survivor, she not gwon' give up.

Tomorrow is Thursday and that means absolutely nothing to me. But I think there is probably a show I want to go to, and evidently there is so doodad at Barmacy as well? But FRIDAY! FRIDAY, my friends, is the KLEENEX GIRL WONDER show at Brownie's. Kids, if I wasn't tightly strapped into my Depends there would be a steady stream of pee running down my leg right now. Honestly! KGW! Whoop whoop! And he better cover 'Big Pimpin' and/or 'Hey Papi' again. And Barcelona too! way cool! The only shite thing is that I Am The World Trade Center is playing the SAME night! Ugh! Of course, under any other circumstances I would be there with bells on. But nobody, NOBODY, comes between me and Graham Smith. Ha!

I'll be the one up front who laughs at every joke, sings to every song and shakes ma ass like i was gettin' paid! See you there.

My website is so down. sucks.. Okay, even though it's apparently not their fault and they too got screwed... they still ruined the ebMpire and they must perish. I mean, just what do I GET for $15 a year? Huh? Can I get a witness?

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