A Tribute to Shelley Long

So I have a new friend dudes! His name is Byron and he hails from where grunge was born- that's right Akron, OH!! I jest. He is from Seattle but now he lives here because he goes to Parsons where he obviously is trying to earn his Masters in Bonering for Business.

He'll air-drum on whatever and sing Billy Joel songs at karaoke.

Thanksgiving meant the arrival of a tiny Polish photographer named Eva and the next night I came up with an activity for us--walking!!

Oh look at that cute hooded sweatshirt in that bathroom. I really would like to meet this maverick artist and shake his or her hand.

Adorable ghosts? A neon Tyrolean hat? Who hath draft thee and placed thee upon the Williamsburg bridge? A genius, to be sure.

El Presidente! And what appears to be quite a large number of bags and a general bulkiness.

Nap attack? Oh I get it! Because it's winter so I mean really, what would a bear possibly attack you with other than a giant NAP. Simply amazing. I sure hope this artist spraypaints my eulogy on this bridge after I have gone.

Wait, what?

Yo- we just brought him along to clean our caps, son! (lies)

Oh shit I didn't craft a clever disguise. Maybe I'll just pull an R.Kelly. "Paintin WHAT? Man, that's my SISTER-- we look real similar!"

K thx.

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