Don't Fear the Crapper

Another page of rando photo? Why yes! It will feature photos of my blog-celebrity mom plus all the usual long hairs you've seen a bunch of times? YES!

Mom was staying at the Sutton Place so I came over to get fancy.

Later, I brought mom round to the Social in an attempt to jumpstart the hearing loss that so often affects the aged. It was Dave and Jelena's 1 yr anniversary too!

Not to be a lesbian or anything but...Hell-O!


Sunday, I took my mom to Centre Island to see Island Peoples.

Her first impression was that she kinda felt this tree was saying "Fuck You" to her, but before her feelings were further damaged, she gave the tree the ultimate double-bird.

We rented a canoe and paddled around. Another canoe even crashed into us. Epic!

This photo takes large steps towards ultimate hilarity for me, but to you it will probably just look like we're having a bad time despite travelling in what my mom continually refers to as a SKY BUCKET. The view was rad!

That's all for now. Sorry for lack of funnies. My Shadow blog gets updated with alarming frequency. What can I say. It's retardularly convenient.

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