Been a long time, I should'na left you....

I've been asking myself a lot of really tough questions, guys. Like just yesterday I was excavating my nose and Mike appeared to be quite dismayed. I suggested that it was hardly gross, compared to say, watching me give birth or dealing with a compound fracture. I also reminded him of my nasal contents' similarity to another bodily product that I *never* complain about. He accused me of attacking/degrading his juice and offered that with enough prattling on could it not be said that REALLY, all matter is the same- snot-based or otherwise- we are all made up of atoms, quarks, particles, fun.

I'm almost entirely composed of fun, dudes and I guess what I'm asking you guys is: Does this diary make me look fat?

Here are some pictures of times. El Amigo. and then shooting elastic band guns at Cheryl's house.

some chick

I swear- it seems like all I have to do is walk IN to this place and I am insta-retarded. Candy didn't seem to mind. That much.

Seems I'm not the only one.

...and forgot the obligatory bathroom photo sesh you say? Hell no. I am creature of habit.

We tried to shoot some birds and squirrels out of a hole in her window screen as they darted across the phone wires- but no luck. (wouldn't hurt by the way)

OMG. I came back to life! Again, this is because I am made of fun and the FUN. WILL. NEVER. DIE.

Next entry: Better.

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