Conversations with Rasheed

Rasheed: why question the philosophy of video games representation to its real counterpart.
eBeth: okay
Rasheed: you artists should be into that
Rasheed: god
Rasheed: im calling Adbusters
eBeth: "Don't buy anything!!! ... except this magazine"
Rasheed: track and field is pretty damn simple. you hit the button super fast and time when you want to jump?!
eBeth: nice
Rasheed: haha more like "the politics in here are fucking more gay than werewolf penis or butts"
eBeth: hahaha i'm glad we agree
Rasheed: "smash a window so your parents insurance company they work for can fix it... or plant a tree in a shitty city. its CRAZY"
eBeth: dumb fuckers
Rasheed: ill punch their faces viciously, then let loose my rabies dogs with aviator glasses on and army collared shirts... maybe micro survival knife teeth implants to tear up screendoors
Rasheed: i now add insane poison hose that comes out of their throat with super weak pressure... maybe shoots as good as a good healthy male pee
eBeth: haha
eBeth: aims where?
eBeth: dribble bombs
Rasheed: just straight
Rasheed: it shoots hot poison straight ahead
eBeth: just on adbusters though
Rasheed: obviously
Rasheed: sheesh
eBeth: have you ever peed on anyone ?
Rasheed: never
eBeth: neither have i
Rasheed: i peed on my sisters walls and garbage can though while sleepwalking
eBeth: holy shit! that rules!
Rasheed: total rainbow action onto the wall
eBeth: you can pee a rainbow?
Rasheed: well... just a solid arc

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