farewell to legs

Today is November 1st.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my last ever day at the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and it was supposed to be sort of a fake day anyway- evidently the whole staff gathers in the boardroom and orders pizza and watches a tape of the show, which of course we all missed because we were working so hard... or like, were too drunk to notice it was on.

Around noon they announced that the office would be closed tomorrow. I guess once the show got such ABYSMAL reviews nobody wanted to sit through the embarrassing testimony to Canada's latest failure...and eat pizza.

So today I said goodbye for good. I was so nervous. Like what do you say ? "It's been a pleasure working for you" when what you really mean is "It is interesting that I could spend so much time with a person and learn so little" or "this was the worst job I ever had in my entire life...and I've worked in a shoe store"
James D.M. said something really funny about the Geminis in an email to me today though:

How'd the Geminis go? I think I may have won one but I can't be sure. They hand out 100 Geminis and there are, like, 4 Canadian programs so the whole fucking cast of Riverdale gets three and that goof who plays the retard on the Red Green Show gets five. Damn Canada.

Today I also found out that I have a low grade dysplasia of the cervix? This hopefully will turn out to be nothing but I have to go take another test and then if it still shows up they have to do some slightly more invasive stuff. So yeah, basically TC is already calling me "cancer girl."

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